Understanding Your Bank Notification Emails

Greetings from the gini team! We hope you’re having a great start to this new year in 2019.

We’ve noticed from internal testing that users have received email notifications every time they login to their account from gini. While this is a common feature that occurs whenever you log onto your online banking app or online banking site, you may have noticed that you have received notifications during irregular hours.

If you have, don’t worry. The reason you are receiving those notifications is because of gini’s automatic refresh function that scrapes your transactions in your off hours, ensuring you wake up every morning to the most up-to-date feed of your finances, delivered to you safely and securely.

We hope that this has helped address any concerns you may have about these notifications. We’ve recently released a big update to gini, and we would like to invite you to download the latest version of gini here and get your personal finances sorted.

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