4 Beauty Apps That Glam You Up With Just One Click

There are no ugly women, just lazy ones. Nowadays, you only need a  click to glam yourself and find out the perfect beauty salon for you. We put together a list of beauty booking apps which can help you make beauty appointment anywhere anytime and find out the prices and details of different services just at your fingertips. Check out the below 4 beauty apps you’ll want to start using now.


1. BloomMe

BloomMe contains photos, information and reviews of more than 1,000 beauty centers. Through the app , you can book 12 different beauty related appointments, including massage, facial treatment, blowout, nail polish… etc. It also allows you to filter the closest, best reviewed and/or most affordable beauty centers. And most importantly, it offers numerous daily discounts.

2. MindBeauty

Other than the basic service such as facial and body treatment, massage, haircut and nail polish, what makes MindBeauty different is, it also provides yoga classes. With the in-app GPS function, you can search the closest salon and book an appointment up to one month in advance, such that you can easily fit it into your schedule.

3. Wecut

Want a blowout, makeup, manicure or eyelash service at home and at any location you preferred? Wecut provides on-demand beauty service. A well-trained professional will head to the  requested location that we want and provide the service. Although the price is relatively more expensive, it saves you time and provide flexibility.

4. Hellotoby

Hellotoby is a platform that helps you finding out the best expert and service you want. It provides a wide variety of beauty services, such as makeup and hair

updo, dental care, mole removal, tanning service and tattooing. Moreover, it provides other sorts of services such as home services, interest classes,

renovation and design. What special about this app is that it gives information about the price of on-demand service. You only need to answer a few questions related to the desired service and will get back a list of different packages along with the prices within 24 hours, so that you can find out the best suited service.


BloomMe MindBeauty Wecut Hellotoby
Variety of Service 12 5 4 Relatively wider
Time Immediately or up to 1 day later 15 minutes or up to 1 month later Depends Depends
Location At the store At the store Anywhere Anywhere
Price Listed on the app Listed on the app Listed on the app Provided upon request
Payment Within the app Within the app Within the app Between the user and the professional

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