7 Ways You Can Save Money But Still Have Fun At The Rugby Sevens

There’s countless advice one can be given for an event as hectic as the Rugby Sevens, and as a Sevens vet myself, I feel compelled to advise my fellow Hong Kongers and newly administered expats.

What I’d like to provide to you all is this: Seven money saving tips THEY don’t want you to know about during the Rugby Sevens weekend.

1) Plan ahead for your costume

I’m sure you could guess that the costume rates will be sky high at locations near the venue. Right after big holidays like Halloween and Christmas are always great times to see cheap deals at your local costume shop. Of course I’m sure many of you are last minute rugby bandwagoners are scrambling around to find the best costumes for the days you are there. Just keep in mind that you’ll be lucky to have your costume come out unscathed on any of the days you attend. Feel free to keep it low budget, as you don’t need to be the most elaborately decorated character out there. You will not be awarded any trophies for that here. However, if you are crafty enough, DIY costumes typically are a fan favorite, especially if you match it with your celebrity look alike.

2) Don’t drink at the stadium

Grab your beers at any of the 7-11’s, or Circle K’s before arriving at the stadium. As you march proudly through the streets in your newfound identity, be sure to slam a few before entering the gates of Valhalla. Know your limits, of course, but also know the limits of your wallet. Once inside a 32oz can of  Carlsberg go will for $200 HKD a pop. It’s easy to lose track of your spending, especially so if you’re drunk, unfamiliar with the exchange rate, or you simply don’t have a handy personal money tracker to help you keep track. Don’t end up like me during my first Sevens experience, when I fell asleep in my seat with nobody around then woke up sloshed to 500 people and a jumbotron celebrating my awakening. Pace yourself and your wallet.

3) Stop by the Sevens Village

Just before entering the stadium you’ll pass by this area with bean bags and a jumbotron. This is the Seven’s Village and guess what… it’s free entry. While I do wholeheartedly recommend that you see the event from inside the unforgiving stadium, this vibrant viewing option is a great way to pace yourself before the massive pub crawl that ensues during the post game festivities. There are also numerous other locations telecasting the event, but at least in the Sevens village, you can still hear the roar of the crowd without getting their bodily fluids on you. That is, until some drunk fans start raiding the village like vikings from the times of yore.

source: @nikarthur

4) Know where to get cheap tickets

In the case you must get inside to party with your friends, definitely try to scalp tickets. Avoid feeling rushed into a purchase from the “trusted” ticket resellers like Viagogo. You’ll end up spending a fortune on these “limited” tickets. Be sure to get a glimpse of what the tickets look like for that particular day, so you know how to spot any potential scammer. You’ll almost always be able to find someone trying to get rid of a legitimate ticket near the stadium on gameday. Obviously haggle for a discount, especially if the game has already started. Some people have been rumored to get ticket prices down to $200 HKD midway through the event.

5) Actually, don’t eat at the stadium either

Once inside, avoid food stalls within the stadium at all costs. You’ll likely queue for way too long, end up with a mediocre hotdog, and entirely miss out on all the action you paid for.

I have a better proposition for you. Instead, build up your appetite during the game then go devour the numerous Sevens themed food deals around town. This article sums up some of the best deals out there. Additionally, there is a new coupon app being released this year called the HKSEVENS®. Due to it’s novelty I’m not exactly sure how well it will work. Yet, if you’re already going to be spending cash around town why not enjoy discounts for the best promotions gameday weekend has to offer? Don’t say no to free cash!

6) Have fun…but not too much

When you are finally in the South Stands. Go nuts! Just don’t go overboard with your antics. Get into any altercations either verbally or nonverbally and you’ll soon experience the quickest way to be escorted out of the stadium. Not only will you be banned from any future events at the stadium, but you’ll also have to pay a $500 HKD fine to release you from the holding cell. Don’t ask how I know this…

Also, don’t even think about streaking across the field. It may seem like common sense, but every year someone always builds up the liquid courage to do it. It’s always the most unlikely characters that become the most tempted too. Even if you did manage to get past the large security guards blocking access to the field, you’ll then have to deal with even larger players who won’t find you that funny either. Stealing the game ball and scoring a successful try between the goal posts might propel you into legend status, or just a drunkard with a broken limb and medical bills.

source: @bobrodriguez

7) No, but seriously, eat anywhere BUT the stadium

Let me reiterate on these annual food deals. YOU CAN’T PASS THEM UP. There is this Burger challenge Hong Kong Sevens Triple Happiness Challenge at The Butchers Club. Now this isn’t some sponsored gimmick. This is a highly doable challenge you should seriously feast upon. Ravished fans can eat for free if they can down this burger, beer and fries in all under seven glorious minutes. This is SOOO doable. Think about all the times you’ve gotten the drunchies after a night on the town. You have been preparing for this your entire life. Remember your roots. Dig deep and get your money’s worth. Don’t choke ($240 HKD is on the line). I believe in you.

Whether you’re blowing through thousands or dollars, or looking to have a good time without blowing all of your heard-earned money, just know that there are plenty of great ways to have fun at the Rugby Sevens. Stay safe. Cheer hard. See y’all there!

About the Author: Seth McGaugh is from North Carolina and currently an exchange student at CUHK, he loves to cook and save money

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