For Singles: A gini guide to Valentine’s Day 2019

So, you’re single on Valentine’s Day, the day the world makes the most effort to remind you that you’re single.

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There are two ways to approach what to some is the most dreaded day of the year: either make an attempt to completely avoid any mention or trace of the red and pink that will surely blanket the entire world, or to turn the odds in your favor and take control of Valentine’s Day as a strong, independent individual who is perfectly happy as the way they are.

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For those who pick option two, you may be wondering just how or what you can do to enjoy this unofficial holiday without a significant other, but we here at gini have you covered, just like we did for the Christmas holidays. Here’s four solid gameplans for what you could do to have a great Valentine’s Day as a single!  

Fight the good fight and attend an Anti-Valentine’s Day event

Even if you happen to feel completely satisfied and happy to be single on Valentine’s Day, you might still want to have a little fun with the sappy couples and sweethearts with a very tongue-in-cheek joke. If you do, you might be wondering if there’s going to be any place that will allow you to ironically party with equally ironic individuals. 

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Enter Anti-Valentine’s Day events. Whether you want to grab a couple nice cocktails made for your special night, or to roar into the end of the week with a party and some catchy beats, there’s plenty of opportunity for you to find some like-minded individuals, and to stick it a little to the couples on Valentine’s Day.  

Take advantage of some V-Day deals and grab a bite with your friends

Just because you don’t have a date doesn’t mean you can’t take full advantage of some of the special deals and promotions geared towards couples. Grab a friend or two who would be down to hang out on a Thursday night, and have a delicious dinner for 30% to 50% off the regular price!

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If you’re going to be busy on the night of Valentine’s Day, but still want to go out and avoid the couples that celebrate over the weekend, fear not. There are plenty of deals and promotions on Eatigo at the same discounted rate over the following weekend as well. After all, if you can’t be with your soulmate on Valentine’s Day, why not at least have a full plate?  

Go off the grid

Tired of seeing all the decorations and marketing geared towards couples? Sometimes the best way to win the fight is to remove yourself from the board entirely. Thankfully, Hong Kong is home to a variety of activities that can take you far and away from the heart of the city, where the dates and dinners will be most common.

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Whether you want to take a hike on one of Hong Kong’s many trails, to visit a far-off beach for some fresh air, or take a day excursion to one of the outlying islands, there are plenty of ways for you to avoid the madness of this entire week and come back to reality once it’s all passed.

Take a day off and spend it comfortably at home

In the end, the best way to spend Valentine’s Day can be as simple as just going back home, kicking back with a bottle of wine, and treating it just like any other day of the week. It may be tempting to treat the 14th as a huge deal, even if you’re single, but sometimes the best way to avoid all of the holiday madness and sweetness is to simply refuse to acknowledge it. Spend some time alone, maybe manage your finances while you’re at home relaxing. Lord knows millennials need as much time and help they can get

Whether you want to kick back alone, with some family, or with a friend or two, the world is your oyster as long as you’re comfortable. Here’s to a great Valentine’s Day as a single, and who knows? Maybe next year, you’ll be planning a special date for a special someone!

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