🎉 The New Reports page is here!

We want gini to be an app you love to use and revamping our reports page with more analytics was one of the most requested features from you all. So here it is! This update will give you the ability to track your spending and analyse your money in a way that suits you, all within gini!

We’re really excited about this update and we hope you like it as much as we do!


What is it exactly?

We want gini to help you feel on top of your money, but we know this is no easy task. After multiple rounds of user testing, internal and external review we settled on the following new features within the reports page as the best place to start – we hope you agree:



Get a fast summary of your expenses right at the top of the page. See how much you’ve spent in the current month, how many transactions you’ve had and whether you’re spending more or less than the previous month. You can also navigate to other months from here as well!


Monthly Spending

See how your spending compares to the previous month and see the trend of your spending. Are you spending too much too fast? Or do you have enough extra cash at the end of the month to put into savings? This graph is a quick way of finding out.

Pro tip: Slide across the graph to see different points throughout the months.  

Category Spend

Understand which categories your money is going on at a glance with the category spend chart. See if you splurged on eating out this month or how much went on your recent vacation!

Pro tip: If you click on a category it will remove it from the pie chart.


Biggest Spend and Most Visited merchants

Do you ever feel like you use Deliveroo a bit too much (me too)? See what merchants you’re going to most as well as which merchants you are spending most at.

Cash Flow

See your income against your expenses over the last 6 months and whether you ended the month with money to spare.

Pro tip: Simply click on the graph and you’ll see exact figures  



Don’t like a particular section? No worries. We’re all different. In the new reports page you have the power to close sections that you aren’t interested in by simply clicking the arrow alongside the title.


What’s next for the reports page?

This update doesn’t mean we’re done. We know there’s lots more we can do to help you manage your money – we’re working on it. We have loads more ideas to keep improving the reports page including subscriptions and more deep dive analysis (as well as tonnes of other cool stuff elsewhere in the gini).


But you are the most important part of gini so we want to give you what you want! Please let us know how we can improve by emailing beta@gini.co . Or shaking your phone when you’re in gini.


Jennifer Harris

With strong passion in building usable design and beautiful products, Jennifer Harris joined gini as an UI/UX designer. Prior to that, she was the designer and developer in Founders & Coders, a UK based coding school.

Jennifer holds Bachelor Degree of Science in the University of Warwick.


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