【gini Update】 What we have been up to so far in 2019

Hey there!

From all of us here at gini, we hope you’ve had a happy Chinese New Year, as well as a great start to 2019. Since our initial launch in March of 2018, we’ve been working hard to grow and develop gini. Everything we do is in service of our mission to provide people around the world with the ability to control their finances, effortlessly like never before.

So what have we been up to since the 2019 has begun? For starters, we have all our users to thank for helping gini take off from the year before. Since our launch, we’ve had more than 20,000 users from Hong Kong, and we’ve handled over HKD 6B in transactions so far.

The success we’ve had leads to our second point. We’re happy to announce that we have successfully secured $1.6 million in funding from Vectr Ventures, a Hong Kong-based fintech venture capital firm. This funding will help us execute our plan of rolling gini out globally, and to eventually be compatible with over 3,000 banks across 60 countries by the second half of this year. Our partnership with Vectr allows us to make our dream of creating a global marketplace accessible to everyone a reality, and we are excited to have a partner who shares our passion and believes in our vision.

Here’s a photo from a press event we did last month where we announced this very piece of news:

With the success we’ve enjoyed so far, and our big push to make gini a global experience, we’ve also made changes to ensure that no matter where we go, our user’s data and privacy remains safe and secure. We’ve partnered with Salt Edge, a global financial data aggregation provider that is considered the global trusted guardian for banking data. Our partnership with Salt Edge ensures that our users be able to connect seamlessly and securely to financial institutions around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about our security and Salt Edge, click here

We want to thank the people that have helped us take gini this far, and we look forward to staying in touch with all of you and creating even greater things in the next three quarters of 2019.


Ray (CEO) and Victor (COO)

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