The Ultimate Way to Track and Manage Your Paid Subscriptions

The rise of smartphones and e-commerce has made the subscription model more and more popular. Spotify and Netflix, in particular, have taken the lead in the entire trend of subscription models for businesses. This model allows consumers to use the services and products they need at a cheaper price. For regularly or monthly paid subscriptions, service providers will offer consistent updates and optimisations. Thus users won’t ever have to worry about these services or products being outdated in the market. 

Since the subscription fee is usually really cheap, consumers are compelled to subscribe to too many services – without actually using them. 

gini knows exactly what you are struggling with. And we are providing a useful tool for you to manage your recurring expenses and get your finances in shape. 


All subscriptions and fees at a glance 

The subscription fee is usually charged directly to the user’s credit card every month. Imagine being a user who has 5 or more credit cards and never cross-checks their monthly credit card statements. One will never really know if they’ve paid Spotify twice in 2 different credit cards. All you need is a tool to help you track and summarise all your subscriptions. So you’ll never waste your money on anything unwanted.

gini automatically identifies all subscriptions and will list all of these on the reports section of the app, along with other smart insights like top spending categories, monthly cash flow comparisons, etc. Whether it’s goji, Spotify, app store games, Amazon, itunes, Apple Daily, medium or other news platforms, users can easily review all their subscriptions in one spot and manage their expenses accordingly.

If you have a complex subscription expenses, download gini to help you re-examine all the subscriptions, and keep your finances in shape.

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