Master your finances effortlessly

Meet the global smart spending & saving tracker – here to empower you to take control over your finances.

Bank-level security

gini is powered by Salt Edge, the global trusted guardian of banking data used by the likes of ING, Societe Generale, BBVA and more.

SaltEdge is licensed by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority. gini is as secure as your banking app.


The account balances and transactions displayed on the app are retrieved in read-only mode, guaranteeing no one, even you, can make changes to your accounts or credit cards through gini.

Security safeguard

Salt Edge technology works to makes sure your credentials are secure and that no third party – not even gini – can keep tabs on your sensitive account information such as user ID or passwords.

Smart, simple, secure.

Setting up gini is easy, and using it is even simpler. Get started by connecting your bank accounts & credit cards.

Smart. Simple. Secure. Stay on track with your effortless spending-tracker.
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