HELLO! 我是gini 的CEO Raymond Wyand。3月7日我們邀請了傳媒朋友出席我們的APP發佈會,起初我跟我的同事還擔心大家的反應。但好彩的是無論是記者,還是用戶,大家反應都非常熱烈,實在令我們喜出望外。而gini在Apple App Store財經應用程式的排名亦由第168位升到第8位。再一次在此感謝下載gini的用戶,以及所有Beta testers 一路以來的支持。

我知道數據安全一直以來都是用戶所關注的。我希望在此釋除大家心中的疑惑,進一步解釋gini的數據防護措施。當我們建立gini的時候, 我們就選擇夥拍全球領先數據整合專家eWise 為用戶提供安全可靠的數據傳輸。eWise於處理數據安全方面的經驗豐富,至今已經與不少世界知名的銀行,如滙豐、澳洲Westpac、英國巴克萊銀行等合作。

我相信有不少人均會有興趣知道gini 是如何保護用戶的數據資料,希望以下的安全防護措施可以解答到大家的問題:

1.     我們絕對不會取得你的帳戶資料

gini所使用的eWise 架構是特別制定的,任何第三方(包括eWise 及gini)都不會要求用戶提供或公開他們的用戶登入資料。現時所有的網上銀行登入資料,只會被加密儲存到用戶的手機內,並透過用戶手機直接連結到所屬銀行,絕不會經過gini的伺服器。

2.     可靠的全球領先數據整合專家eWise

自2000年成立至今eWise信譽冠絕同儕,並與世界各地頂尖的銀行合作 ,至今其數據安全均保持著一貫良好紀錄。

3.     全面的數據加密

為保證資料絕對保密,用戶資料會時刻以可靠的 Amazon Web Services’ SSL Certificates提供之256 位元 AES 加密技術保護,屬銀行級的加密防護,能使重要資料不容易被破解,以保障賬戶資料安全。此外,gini已著手進行支付卡行業資料安全標準 (PCI DSS) 的檢測程序,這套全方位營運和技術要求是PCI安全標準委會員為保障財務數據安全而制訂,其安全性備受業界認可及信賴。



gini 行政總裁兼聯合創辦人衛理文 (Raymond Wyand)


Security is our top priority

Hi there! When we invited a few journalists to see the beta of our app, we were worried that nobody would show up. We were blown away by the interest from media, but also, the huge response from users. We went from #168 in the finance section of the app store to #9 in less than 24 hours. First and foremost, we want to say thank you to all our early supporters. We know how hard it is to manage multiple accounts, and we promise that this is just the start of making your life easier.

Now, I know that it’s not the most exciting topic in the world – but we want to talk about something really important. Security.

Cybersecurity is a huge concern for many, and it is a huge concern for us as well. That’s why when we built this app, we partnered with eWise, a well-known provider of aggregation technology in other markets that works with a number of banks including HSBC, Barclays and Westpac.

It’s important for users to know how the eWise (and gini) system works, so we are going to highlight a few of the most important points about our app:

1) The only person who can access your account credentials is you:

The eWise architecture that is employed by gini is designed so that end-users are never required to disclose or provide their online credentials (User IDs and Passwords) to any third-party including eWise & gini. This is done by storing all of the end-users’ online credentials (User IDs and Passwords) in an encrypted form in an encrypted Personal Data Vault on the end-users’ device AND connecting to the banks from your device and not through our server.

2) It has operated since 2000 for some of the largest banks in the world, and has never been hacked:

eWise was founded 2000 and since this time the eWise solution has been implemented for a number of the world’s largest financial institutions and has never experienced a security breach or compromised sensitive financial information of an end-user.

3) All data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Users’ information is protected with the same security that banks use (256-bit).

All of our solutions use industry standard – 256-bit encryption. With Amazon Web Services’ SSL Certificates, we give users confidence that your device is securely connected to gini’s server. gini is also in the process of becoming compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a set of comprehensive operational and technical requirements defined by the PCI Security Standards Council for protecting the safety of financial data.

We are happy to answer any questions you have, especially on the security side, please feel free to contact us via the app or Facebook. And don’t miss out our blog updates and sign up for our newsletter here.


Author: Raymond Wyand

Raymond Wyand is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of gini. Prior to this, Ray is a former Vice President at Citibank, part of the Global Credit Trading Business based in Hong Kong. His areas of expertise included Regulatory Capital Optimization, CLO Syndication, Securitization and Credit Derivatives.
Ray holds the Bachelor of Social Science and Business at Kings College London.


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