gini 名字暗藏的意義是 ?

gini的名字是來自著名經濟學家和統計學家科拉多基尼 (Corrado Gini),他最廣為人知的是他所創立用來計算財富收入距離的堅尼系數 (Gini co-efficient)。 gini的另一個意思是童話中為人們帶來願望的燈神 (Genie)。我們希望gini可以幫助用戶輕鬆管理個人財務,協助他們累積財富。近年香港的堅尼系數高達0.539,表示富有一族的總家庭收入是所有貧窮家庭的總收入的44倍,我們期望gini可以拉近各階層的貧富差距,為大家實現不同的願望。
香港只是我們的起步。調查機構估計,亞洲有超過7億的消費者會定期使用數碼銀行服務。有別於美國和歐洲,亞洲市場潛力巨大,而現時市場上只有少數個人理財應用程式 。當香港的產品發展成熟,我們會考慮將足跡擴展至北亞和東南亞。
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作者: 梁敬熙
gini 首席執行總監兼聯合創辦人梁敬熙 (Victor Lang)
除了gini的職務外,Victor同時為CV Ventures 的合夥人及主要股東,他活躍於初創企業投資,尤其是教育、醫療科技及地產相關項目。他於2016年被 Business Week Asia 獲選為 「亞洲25位25歲以下的傑出企業家」之一。




gini Brings Differences
gini is named after economist and statistician, Corrado Gini, who is most famous for his namesake measure of income disparity the Gini co-efficient. Hong Kong, with the richest household now earning about 44 times what the poorest family crapes together, scored 0.539 in 2016, which has reached the historic high.

A Genie is also something that gives people what they want effortlessly. The name reflects our desire to help users get more from their money with little effort, which is our small contribution to levelling the unequal playing field the Gini co-efficient has identified.
Established in 2016, gini is one of the few fintech startups in the Hong Kong. In most markets, fintech startups present a credible threat to incumbent banks. Using a combination of technology, consumer-centric service and flexible business practices, these new companies are reducing the cost of doing business, extending their customer base and taking market-share from established rivals.
Gaming is changing and evolving. Nowadays Hong Kong, banks are starting to invest in various incubation programs, partnering with startups to embrace new ideas and technology. gini is serious and determines to build the revolutionary financial technology to the market, bringing consumers real benefits and a unique financial experience.
Hong Kong is just our starting point. McKinsey estimated that across Asia, more than 700 million consumers use digital banking regularly. And unlike the US and Europe, Asia only has a handful of personal financial management apps in the market. The market potential is huge. Once we achieved a steady growth in Hong Kong, our footprint will be expanded to North and South-East Asia.
We are about to launch our beta, if you are interested to have a first-hand experience on gini, go sign up here.

Author: Victor Lang
Victor Lang is a co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of gini. Currently as the principal of CV Ventures, he is a serial entrepreneur and investor, focused on education, medical technology, and real estate. In 2006, he was selected Business Week Asia as “Top 25 under 25 Entrepreneurs in Asia”.
He was educated at DePaul University in Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

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