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目前gini仍在優化的階段,還望用戶們能夠協助我們完善gini的資料庫,如有任何意見也歡迎電郵至beta@gini.co與我們分享。如您正在使用gini app,可隨時搖動電話,聯絡我們的支援團隊。而未下載gini,記緊前往App Store 下載試用。

Introducing Customized Merchants 

We have written a blog post on the automatic categorization function performed by our smart engine. Our users can change the categories of their transactions anytime. Meanwhile, you can change the merchant information of your transactions as well as adding your favorite merchant to our system. In this article, we will talk about how to add or change the merchant.

How to add or change the merchant?

Both are simple and easy. If you want to change the merchant information, simply click on the transaction you want to change and search for the merchant you want. Amendments will be made right after you select the new merchant. In case you cannot get the merchant through our search engine, you can choose to add new merchants by yourself. By doing so, you will have to decide the category and logo of the new merchant. Once the merchant is saved and uploaded, our system will match it to any new and related transaction incurred automatically.

gini is still at the development stage and we need your generous help to enhance our data system. If you are using our app, feel free to share your feedback by shaking your phone. We appreciate all your comments and contributions! If not, welcome to download it on AppStore now.

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