【FinTech 解密】gini自動分類功能大解構

最近,有不少用戶有興趣了解gini app內自動分類功能如何運作,就由小編為各位用戶解構自動分類功能。


自動分類是一個處理您從銀行帳戶下載的交易資料再進行分類的過程。 整個過程是都由電腦程式自動完成,因此當有新交易出現時,我們的分類程式會自動利用從您的銀行收到的財務數據來進行交易分類。它會根據數據所顯示的商戶資料或註釋來將每一筆交易分類到最適合的類別,如SALES: GENKI SUSHI 會自動被分類到元氣壽司及F&B 餐飲類別,同時配上商戶標誌及分類圖示,方便用戶辦識該項交易資料。因此,gini分類程式的精確度是取決於每間銀行所提供的交易資訊。




用戶可以隨時按個人需要更改您的交易類別,我們的智能引擎會根據您作出的偏好設定來進行下次的分類。例如:APPLEPAY MANNINGS,系統會分類為Health&Beauty 健康美容,若果用戶想更改成為購物消閒類別,只需於該交易資料一欄更改商戶類別設定及儲存新分類。

自動分類的功能能夠幫助用戶了解其個人消費的類別和比例,更好地掌握支出和收入,達至妥善理財。我們期望進一步改善分類系統,若您有任何意見或構思歡迎電郵至beta@gini.co與我們分享。如您正在使用gini app,可隨時搖動電話,聯絡我們的支援團隊。


How does automatic categorization work?

Have you ever wondered how the automatic categorization in gini works? You are not alone.  We would love to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our learning machine today.

What is automatic categorization?

Automatic categorization is a process of categorizing your transactions imported from your bank accounts into the expense or income category. This is done by an engine automatically, every time a new transaction appears in the online banking website, it will be imported to gini.

The engine categorizes each transaction based on the financial data it receives from your bank. Usually, it takes into account the merchant or note of the transaction and based on that to decide the best category for each transaction. For example, when the transaction comes to be SALES: GENKI SUSHI, it will be categorized as F&B automatically. Thus, the precision of the categorization depends on information the engine receives from each bank.

Through our proprietary categorisation engine, users can now truly 「see」 where their expenses have been spent on.  No more confusing holding company names on your transactions that we have been having to bear with all these years! Example, you will no longer see 『Ciao International』 on your transaction, but 『BestMart 360″ instead.

Can I change the category of my transaction?

Sure. You are free to change the category whenever you want according to your personal needs. Our machine algorithms based engine is able to categorize your future transactions base on your preference. For instance, when it comes to MANNINGS, our engine will categorize it as Health & Beauty. If you want to change it to Shopping/Leisure, you only need to update the merchant category in the information and save.

Automatic categorization makes it easier for all of you to keep track of your financial picture, allowing everyone to improve their overall financial health. If you have any questions or comments on the way automatic categorization works in gini, feel free to email us by beta@gini.co.If you already have a gini app, simply shake your phone and chat to our customer support team.

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